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Dark magician girl topless

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It felt good to cuddle with her, and Tea was sure having her arms around her would've been no less satisfying if her body heat was reversed.

Tea then felt another kick of desire, telling her to abandon Dark Magician Girl's breasts, and focus in on her true prize. Heavy tits xxx. Also her twitter and insta for good measure. Dark magician girl topless. She then started to slowly unbutton the light green cloth, revealing her cleavage as she looked at down at Tea. The softly-moaning girl must've felt her Deck Master's gaze on her, or she either had impeccable timing, because when she opened her eyes, she had an expectant and impatient gleam in them.

I checked it out and that subreddit is truly a holy place. There's no wood for us to use," she said bleakly, suddenly feeling even colder now that her hopes were as dead as the logs.

The concern in her voice over the human girl she was chosen to protect was evident, and she resolved to not fail in giving Tea whatever was necessary to bring her comfort in the quest to get back to her world. Taking her lover's escalating yells as a sign, she quickly licked her fingers of her nectar before using them to replace her tongue, starting slow but increasing her speed rapidly.

Report rule-breaking content; don't inflame or exacerbate the situation. Her smile disappeared, however, when she saw that all the logs that sat in the fireplace were already charred beyond use. After a few moments Dark Magician Girl switched which breast she gave oral attention to, leaving a small pool of saliva around Tea's right nipple as she went on to the left. Ana martin nude. When she saw the hopeful gleam in Tea's eyes, she quickly brought her back down to reality.

Deciding to take in the luscious magician's heat, she gave a determined nod, which brought the life back to Dark Magician Girl's smile. Dark Magician Girl, however, remained, and glided over to Tea, who was freed from the icy casing that had gotten up to her neck.

But your wife has a nice style. Knowing that she had given this warmth to Tea, the heat in her panties and the blush on her cheeks, had Dark Magician Girl's own center dripping with carnal want. Posts from brand-new accounts and those with very low karma will need mod approval to show up after being posted. The Deck Master had a slight frown, convinced that she hadn't done enough to keep Tea warm.

Dark magician girl topless

Be civil and respectful at all times. Dark Magician Girl then looked up at Tea's face, red from both the defrosting, but mostly from the bliss she was finding herself in. She fought back the despair that tried to settle in her heart again as she noticed that it was nothing more than a springy mattress, bereft of any sheets or blankets. I know I'm way, way late with this fic, but hopefully it's quality enough to make up for that.

Tea nodded, then looked around her surroundings - nothing but snow, ocean and glacier as far as her eyes could see. I doubt those corporate jerks designed a cozy little motel or something in this place.

Could Dark Magician Girl have read her mind, and proposed sex based off her lustful thoughts? It had to be a coincidence, but Tea was wondering if she really should accept.

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Just thought I'd give my 2 cents though! As her mind became less jumbled from the experience, she wondered about her Deck Master, whether she could feel any kind of sexual excitement.

She pulled her legs up towards her, chin resting on her knees, holding them tightly with her arms. Still, she stopped in front of the doorway with a gleeful smile on her face as she let Tea go.

The pink and purple blasts they unleashed became intertwined, and punched straight through the Defender Iceberg on its way to engulf Crump in a massive sphere of energy. Riya sen sex nude. Just a thought, might want to just allow people to post light nsfw fanart on the DMG sub nothing too hardcore. After a few moments Dark Magician Girl switched which breast she gave oral attention to, leaving a small pool of saliva around Tea's right nipple as she went on to the left. The liquid erupted into Tea's mouth, with a force she hadn't been prepared for.

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Clarify when you're posting OC instead of someone else's work. In the far left corner was a brick fireplace, and in the far right was a simple cot.

Tea begrudgingly surrendered her grasp on the blonde's warm body, and started walking behind the magician as they set out, looking for refuge. I'm so sorry, Tea. Dark magician girl topless. Tea let out a small whimper as Dark Magician Girl broke the kiss, breathing deeply as saliva coated her lips.

Tea, renewed with the hope of finding her friends and escaping the virtual world, smiled, and gave the source of that hope a kiss on the lips before drifting into a warm sleep. Since she looked eager to continue, as opposed to perhaps having second thoughts, she undid the rest of the buttons, and pulled the bottom of the shirt from her shorts.

She sat up, and gently pressed her hot lips to Tea's cold ones. Huge tits sheer. Keep up the good work! When she saw the hopeful gleam in Tea's eyes, she quickly brought her back down to reality. She gave her a quick kiss on the blonde's panting lips before moving down to her lower body, rubbing her silky thighs before lifting the blue arrow-shaped flap of the costume that hid her panties. The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Considering making a second sub for it, though She unclasped the button, then pulled down the zipper to find Tea's matching white panties.

Dark Magician Girl beamed at the comment, and Tea walked over to have a seat at the edge of the cot. When Dark Magician Girl touched down on the ground, she let go of Tea's legs, then slowly released the rest of her hold on the brunette to let her gather herself on her own. The kiss substantially deepened as passion won out on Tea's nerves, their meeting tongues burning away the ice she had felt since being stranded in the snow. Posts from brand-new accounts and those with very low karma will need mod approval to show up after being posted.

Dark Magician Girl then began to rub Tea's breasts through her shirt, making the girl moan between pants. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Big tits and bikinis. I don't need war-" the magician was cut off as Tea again took control of her lips. Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl looked at each other with a smile and a nod, then the male sorcerer disappeared in a similar manner as their opponent.

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