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And now this day I am still locking the door when I'm getting dressed. I was sitting in my room playing video games when i got super mad at the game i started showing and it was very loud when my brother wacked in on me checking on me when he saw my that is when i got up as fast as i cud and got something on after that we never said anything about it.

Last month the internet repair man walked in on me when i was taking a bath. Christina hendricks huge tits. Caught naked embarrassing. When I fell my knee popped back out and I was crumpled in the bath tub. So i went to the bathroom and got undressed when i remembered that i haven't washed my face yet but as i was pouring soap on my hands my brother walked in and saw me naked, wearing a pink pandana, with soap on my hands and my face painted as spiderman.

Her dad hears her though and runs up the stairs, knocks on her door, and tries to come in an ask if everything was all right. Replies might be included in Planet Dolan countdowns! But when it was my turn they told me that I had to pick dare because everyone has but me.

Oh then please share one of those stories! I had just gotten the cover off of the light and bent over to grab a replacement bulb when the door quickly unlocked and my own brother barged into the room, yelling at the top of his lungs in a goofy voice about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

I was so embarassed. We split, forgetting the towels completely and I hid in some nearby bushes but much to my horror and chagrin, Her dad spotlights me in all my drenched nude glory and catches me first.

He had just started seeing this girl, and she came over while I was out of town for a little sexy times. Now, you would think this is the end of the story but no somehow it gets worse. Luckily i was hidden by the shower curtain. I was fucking her and the bed started shaking this was my aunts bed BTW and my aunt comes in then we all just stop, probably 10 minutes pass then she slaps mine and my girlfriends butts said "harry getting it in" grabbed her phone and left.

I came out naked. Hot natural tits. But it was him! Then my cousin came up the stairs out of nowhere. He was walking over to my room while I was getting dressed and well He came and looked at me. And I would do this for three years. His face was drained ad like he'd seen 2 ghosts humping. I was in middle school it 6th grade it was the 4th day in P.

After I was done taking the shower and drying up one of my friends came up to use the bathroom and it was at the moment I knew she had saw my body. She let us have sex as long as everyone was okay with it. I'm still friends with them but we haven't talked about it since.

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We kept a small bottle of lube on one all the time. Shiny nude shoes. He scared me so badly I lost balance, dropped the light cover, fell off the table and smacked my head on the dropped cover.

It was a tiny room that had a lock on the door. Her dad walked in followed by her mom. My best friend went to have ago on the diving board and then told us to have a go, her boyfriend went first and jumped in he said hed stay in to watch mine. But this one is odd I was changing in the bathroom and I was putting on my sports underwear and my shorts. Both of us let out a scream being equally surprised, and he quickly shut the door. Caught naked embarrassing. Well one day I decided to take a bath.

I had just gotten the cover off of the light and bent over to grab a replacement bulb when the door quickly unlocked and my own brother barged into the room, yelling at the top of his lungs in a goofy voice about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Sarah dared me to take my clothes off and stay completely naked for the whole game. I'm a nudist, so I don't usually get embarassed if anyone sees me naked. So of course when we got to change into our gym clothes everyone was pretty excited.

This happened while I was still living in the Philippines when I was 6 years old. Free nude older women pics. My dad decided to bust down my door to find me laying naked in my bed.

So my birthday suit and my streak can be seen by anyone and everyone!!!! My dad told me not to worry about it and just to go ahead and use the toilet. As she walked twords me, she tripped over one of my toys and dumped the hot soup over my thin blanket, liquid leaked straight threw on my legs and privates.

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Giving cunnilingus after anal is a shitty, sticky mess. On the bright side, he was super cool and promised not to tell my folks but made us promise we wouldn't do something like that again.

I didn't her him knock and he just came in because my door was unlocked I live in a very rural and safe area. It was my 10 th birth day and i woke up got naked started dance ing naked to the cancan and when my mum and dad came in my bed room to sing happybirthday they saw me dancing naked to the can can. Posts and comments, whether in jest or with malice, that contain racist, sexist, homophobic content, or threats will be removed, regardless of popularity or relevance.

And I was to sacred to do anything m mom grabed me and shoved me into my bedroom and forced me to put cloths on I did but I kept walking nude till I was I'm 17 so it's more embarrassing for everyone when I'm naked. My oldest sister Sapphire came up and handed me a box of condoms and an 18 pack of Budweiser saying and i quote.

Went to give her a big ole ass-smack and missed. But i forgot my dad and brother where going to be home early and when i was right infront of the door my dad older brother and my brothers friend my crush walked in i froze my dad brother and his friend froze too.

I almost yelled at her, but she quickly left me alone.

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